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Olive Analie

Our perfect little girl was born January 5, 2013 at 7:23 am.  She was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 18 inches long.  You can imagine how impatient we were getting when a week had passed from her due date.  But in her own sweet time she made her grand entrance into the world and has stolen our hearts more every day ever since.  We are so in love with our daughter.  I will post the entire birth story next.  I will try to remember every detail of that special day – it seems as though it was all a blur.


Prego Beauty

Rounding out the 9th month of pregnancy I have been pleasantly surprised as to how well my skin has looked. During college I had wonderful skin, then in the years after that it became a totally disaster. Because of this I was really afraid the pregnancy hormones were going to throw it back into its old gross state. Thankfully I have found (and stuck with) a few products that managed it wonderfully, and I haven’t gotten a single breakout. I also have been very strict with taking care of the rest of my skin to avoid stretch marks. Luckily I haven’t spotted any of those, either. I just recently added the Baby Bee products into my routine. I read that it would be a good idea to do this to get our fur babies used to the smell when she arrives – sounded like a good idea to me! The best part of the “beauty” side of being pregnant has definitely been my hair. My hair has grown SO much during the pregnancy, and I feel like it’s so much more full and shiny than it ever has been. The only downside is it has tended to get greasy a lot faster than usual. Nothing a little dry shampoo doesn’t fix!


Maternity Shoot

I feel like I am most awkward when in front of a camera.  Lucky for me my uncle is a GREAT photographer and managed to make me feel more at ease in our maternity shoot.  You can check him out at www.briandeanphotography.com and browse through all of his galleries.  I used a few shoots I found through Pinterest for inspiration (here and here), and we tried to create a super calm and peaceful atmosphere.  I’m not a big “prop” person with pictures…I like basic colors and simplicity.  I love the way all of these turned out!  These are just a few of my favorites.  Now the final countdown is on – 60 days until baby girl’s due date!




baby girl


Here she is.  This has got to be the coolest thing Jordan & I have ever done.  I can’t really put into words how I feel yet about becoming a mother.  Excited, scared, overwhelmed, overjoyed…I go back and forth between the positive and the negative emotions.  Of course I am ecstatic, but let’s be real.  We are about to be responsible for the most precious thing God could give someone.  Her entire future and well being rests on us…kind of a big deal.  I am looking forward most to the little things.  The smell of baby lotion, watching her sleep, cuddling up next to her for a nap.  Thinking of those things calms me down and makes me think we will be just fine.