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Home is Where The Heart Is

Before I had Olive I devoted a ton of time to decorating and styling our home. We bought and remodeled it while I was pregnant, so after I had her I always felt like it was never quite “done”. I’m constantly finding new little decor pieces and rearranging furniture to give it a different vibe.

Now that I had a one-year-old running around that time I once spent decorating is now spent just making sure the house isn’t in shambles in case we have company drop by. Baby proofing definitely isn’t the most STYLISH thing you can do to your house, but with our ball of fire it is completely necessary. I have tried to keep my house true to my style throughout the baby process and keep toys and things to a minimum in the big living spaces. Olive has a playroom upstairs and shares my downstairs office as a sort of “classroom” for her learning toys and art supplies.

As she is getting older I feel like I can get back to finishing off the decorating, and make our home feel complete. I was going for a very Pottery Barn/Ballard Design look in the beginning, and now am leaning towards bringing in some of the eclectic vibe from Anthropologie. If I could have an all white and gold house, believe me…I would. Until that day comes I’ll settle for creams, whites, and some pops of bright colors and gold mixed in.

Here are a few shots of our downstairs area. I have always wanted a Robins Egg Blue kitchen, and I still love it, but I’m leaning towards all white and cream walls. Decisions…decisions!


I love the way the light comes in the window first thing in the morning.




My coffee table tray that has been moved due to little hands.


In a perfect world I would have a mix of Monika Hibbs, Cassidy June, and Stephanie Sterjovski…here are some gorgeous images of these ladies homes.


Monika Hibbs of The Doctor’s Closet


Cassidy June of O My Darlings Blog


Stephanie Sterjovski owner of SSPrintShop



Where did the time go?

How in the world did an entire year go by with this little girl?

I know she’s mine, so like most mothers I am probably biased….but this doll could not be more perfect in my eyes.  I can already see such a strong personality in her.

Independent, strong-willed, tender hearted, loving, and always ready to entertain for a crowd.

Her birthday party was “Breakfast at Olive’s” as a tribute to my hero – Audrey Hepburn.  I can’t imagine it turning out any better than it did.  We were so blessed to celebrate Olive’s life with our family and closest friends.

Happy Birthday, my little love.  You are truly a joy to everyone who knows you!

olive1olive2olive3olive4olive5olive6olive7olive8olive9olive10Stay tuned for details on the food, decoration DIYs, and a vegan smash cake recipe that you won’t believe is healthy!

2 months

Oh, how the time is flying…just as everyone said it would!  I blinked and my sweet girls is already 10 weeks old!  She has gone from a very calm, sleepy newborn to a giggly and squirmy baby!  I will do sort of “milestone” posts on the 5th of each month since she was born January 5th.  I think that will be fun to have for us and to be able to go back and read as she progresses.  It seems like she learns something new or changes in some way every single day – it’s a lot to keep up with and take in.  But I am loving every second of getting to know this angel!  She already has such a personality.  This shows just how much she has changed over one month.   


2 month milestones (happening between month 1 and 2)  :

Holding head up for long periods of time when on tummy & being held

Smiling, laughing, cooing

Rolling from back to stomach

Taking pumped breast milk from a bottle

Weight – 11 lbs 14 oz

Height – 22 in

Sleeping – She is going down for the night anywhere between 8-10PM.  The normal wakeup times if she DOES wake up are 1AM, 3AM, & 7AM.  She might wake up all three times and may wake up only once.  When she does wake, she is usually soothed by nursing for no more than ten minutes or so then is back to sleep.  She is starting the night off in her co-sleeper that is attached to our bed, but she usually ends up in our bed.  It is really just easier to nurse that way.  I have found when she IS in our bed she wakes up way less.  She will wake up for the day anywhere between 9AM-11AM and go down for a long nap about two hours later.  The rest of the day is up in the air.  She may nap three more times and may nap no more.  We are still working on a routine, but she is still so young I am not worried about that yet.

Food – Breast milk only

I have SO many more things I want to go in to within the next few weeks, so hopefully I will be able to carve out some time every day to do that!  Get ready for cloth diapering, vaccines, postpartum fashion (aside from yoga pants & t-shirts), and lots of recipes!

Baby Basics

At 6 weeks little miss is just getting to the age when she can wear actual cute clothes.  Don’t get me wrong, newborn clothes ARE cute…I just didn’t want to spend a ton of money on outfits she would only wear for a month.  Not to mention all the spit up and OTHER things that can destroy a baby’s getup very quickly.  She is still so young we don’t even have to worry about getting her out much besides the occasional visit to the grandparents or grocery store runs.  We have been all about simple and comfortable!  With the colder months we have been relying on footed outfits, long sleeves and warm knit hats.  The super cute gowns have also been a huge hit around here.  They are a little tough to put on our squirmy baby, but they make diaper changes a breeze!  Our favorite one pieces have zippers instead of snaps for the same reason.  Here are a few of our staples that will carry over for kids to come.


1. Baby Gap knot hat 

2. Carter’s long-sleeve bodysuits

3. Carter’s cotton pjs

4. Baby Gap footed one pieces

5. Baby Gap lace trim leggings

6. Carter’s sleeper gowns


164610_10151165755507163_1194401194_n 418010_10151165753932163_1408689982_n 527480_10151165758607163_1402005638_n


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Olive Analie

Our perfect little girl was born January 5, 2013 at 7:23 am.  She was 6 pounds 11 ounces and 18 inches long.  You can imagine how impatient we were getting when a week had passed from her due date.  But in her own sweet time she made her grand entrance into the world and has stolen our hearts more every day ever since.  We are so in love with our daughter.  I will post the entire birth story next.  I will try to remember every detail of that special day – it seems as though it was all a blur.