2 months

Oh, how the time is flying…just as everyone said it would!  I blinked and my sweet girls is already 10 weeks old!  She has gone from a very calm, sleepy newborn to a giggly and squirmy baby!  I will do sort of “milestone” posts on the 5th of each month since she was born January 5th.  I think that will be fun to have for us and to be able to go back and read as she progresses.  It seems like she learns something new or changes in some way every single day – it’s a lot to keep up with and take in.  But I am loving every second of getting to know this angel!  She already has such a personality.  This shows just how much she has changed over one month.   


2 month milestones (happening between month 1 and 2)  :

Holding head up for long periods of time when on tummy & being held

Smiling, laughing, cooing

Rolling from back to stomach

Taking pumped breast milk from a bottle

Weight – 11 lbs 14 oz

Height – 22 in

Sleeping – She is going down for the night anywhere between 8-10PM.  The normal wakeup times if she DOES wake up are 1AM, 3AM, & 7AM.  She might wake up all three times and may wake up only once.  When she does wake, she is usually soothed by nursing for no more than ten minutes or so then is back to sleep.  She is starting the night off in her co-sleeper that is attached to our bed, but she usually ends up in our bed.  It is really just easier to nurse that way.  I have found when she IS in our bed she wakes up way less.  She will wake up for the day anywhere between 9AM-11AM and go down for a long nap about two hours later.  The rest of the day is up in the air.  She may nap three more times and may nap no more.  We are still working on a routine, but she is still so young I am not worried about that yet.

Food – Breast milk only

I have SO many more things I want to go in to within the next few weeks, so hopefully I will be able to carve out some time every day to do that!  Get ready for cloth diapering, vaccines, postpartum fashion (aside from yoga pants & t-shirts), and lots of recipes!


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