Baby Basics

At 6 weeks little miss is just getting to the age when she can wear actual cute clothes.  Don’t get me wrong, newborn clothes ARE cute…I just didn’t want to spend a ton of money on outfits she would only wear for a month.  Not to mention all the spit up and OTHER things that can destroy a baby’s getup very quickly.  She is still so young we don’t even have to worry about getting her out much besides the occasional visit to the grandparents or grocery store runs.  We have been all about simple and comfortable!  With the colder months we have been relying on footed outfits, long sleeves and warm knit hats.  The super cute gowns have also been a huge hit around here.  They are a little tough to put on our squirmy baby, but they make diaper changes a breeze!  Our favorite one pieces have zippers instead of snaps for the same reason.  Here are a few of our staples that will carry over for kids to come.


1. Baby Gap knot hat 

2. Carter’s long-sleeve bodysuits

3. Carter’s cotton pjs

4. Baby Gap footed one pieces

5. Baby Gap lace trim leggings

6. Carter’s sleeper gowns


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