Prego Beauty

Rounding out the 9th month of pregnancy I have been pleasantly surprised as to how well my skin has looked. During college I had wonderful skin, then in the years after that it became a totally disaster. Because of this I was really afraid the pregnancy hormones were going to throw it back into its old gross state. Thankfully I have found (and stuck with) a few products that managed it wonderfully, and I haven’t gotten a single breakout. I also have been very strict with taking care of the rest of my skin to avoid stretch marks. Luckily I haven’t spotted any of those, either. I just recently added the Baby Bee products into my routine. I read that it would be a good idea to do this to get our fur babies used to the smell when she arrives – sounded like a good idea to me! The best part of the “beauty” side of being pregnant has definitely been my hair. My hair has grown SO much during the pregnancy, and I feel like it’s so much more full and shiny than it ever has been. The only downside is it has tended to get greasy a lot faster than usual. Nothing a little dry shampoo doesn’t fix!



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